series breakdown: high tide // even higher emotions

Picture yourself on a cliffside beach with the warm sand between your toes, hearing the ocean waves break and feeling the sun soak into your skin (I apologize in advance if my description sounds cheesy af - this is why I'm not a fictional author πŸ™ˆ )

This would be my happy place.

Though a few times a day, the tides rise or fall because of the moon's gravitational pull. You'll find high tides, and low tides at different times of the day.

Much like how the tides fluctuate with the moon, so does your mood and emotions. There's actually some writings and beliefs that the moon could directly affect your well-being and behaviour.

This series is based on the emotions felt when you're at your high points, and at your low points. Some of those feelings come back every so often... the feels come in waves.

You should always feel like you're at your best, but when those low points hit, remember to take those low points positively and it will pass. Remember it's just a phase – you'll be at your best in no time.

About the print

Each wave in the print captures eight feelings to go with the eight phases of the moon. In order from top-left going horizontally to the bottom-right, the illustrations are described as:

  1. daydreaming
  2. reflection
  3. paradise
  4. at ease (finally)
  5. hidden spots just for us
  6. ready whenever you are
  7. I'm all in
  8. timing (... it'll happen again)

And now... for you!

After drawing and posting each individual illustration on my Instagram (follow if you're not already – @birdidraws 😊), I'd immediately set it as my phone wallpaper. So, I've decided to post a few of the individual illustrations as free digital wallpapers for you all! 

Click here to dress up your phone + download digital wallpapers of the series.

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I hope you found this series as enjoyable as I did creating it. Leave a comment below about your thoughts / questions on the series – I'd love to hear from you!