custom illustrations
& commissions

There’s a reason why I call myself ‘Birdi-draws’ – I simply adore drawing. With a background in fine arts, I’ve learned and honed my craft in portraiture, figurative drawings, and personalized artworks.

Commissions are requests to create an artwork. So, if you have an idea in mind (whether it’s a portrait, medical illustration, wedding stationery, etc) that you’d like to come to life, let’s talk.

Browse through past commissions from my clients, and let’s create something meaningful for you.

Logo Designs
& branding Suites

Your business needs to stand out, and I do just that. I design each brand according to their vision and clientele. It’s all about the client experience – from the moment they see your logo, to interacting with your stationery and website, to making that click on a sale.

What you’re left with is a bespoke logo catered to your brand, and branding suites such as thank you cards, business cards, packaging designs and more.

Learn about my branding process, browse through my clientele’s brandings, and let’s get to work on a bespoke brand for you.

lettering &
Calligraphy Services

Computers have stolen our handwriting – but not for long! I’ve carefully designed, curated and instructed a step-by-step guide to brush lettering. Download and print your copy from my shop, or peruse through the experiences hosted by her-people where you’ll find brush lettering during certain times of the year.

I also provide lettering and calligraphy services for businesses, weddings, live events and more.


When two like-minded people meet, beautiful things happen. If you believe your vision lines up with my brand and what I offer, let’s connect and create something amazing together. Please note, I carefully select collaborations to ensure it is authentic and caters to my audience while connecting to your brand.