the girl behind @birdidraws

outfit:  @thesareeroom  photography:  @shuttersaund

outfit: @thesareeroom
photography: @shuttersaund

Hi there! I’m Parmeet, a girl passionate about everything related to design and art. By day, I’m a senior design strategist working for one of the Big 5 Banks in downtown Toronto, and after hours, I’m freelancing as a designer and illustrator. I am a creative communicator – I help bring your ideas and passions to life through my creative ways of art, design, critical thinking and illustration.

I find strength in being an expert in certain subjects, so my background is extremely multidisciplinary. I studied biology, psychology and fine arts, continued to learn about user experience design after my undergrad, and worked in lifestyle, fashion and corporate industries. That being said, I’m a lifelong learner! If you want to know more about me, you can read the description about the INFP personality type (or the type 9 enneagram) as that’s pretty much me, summed up 🙃.

I specialize in artistic commissions such as illustrations, lettering and murals which you’ll find listed under my services. Don’t forget to also check out my shop, where you’ll find select art prints and stationery for sale.

Say hello, and let’s chat if you’re interested in collaborating or creating something amazing together!

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