How the Essense mural came to life


It’s quite rare to find people that vibe and see the same vision as you – when you find those people, keep them close!

Sameer and I have worked on a few projects together for his branding, including SAM and the Essense logo.

Recently, I completed a new mural for The Essense - a gym based in Toronto that focuses on strength, development and being the best version of yourself. Working with Sameer, I knew I wanted to have a clear artistic direction with this mural that encompasses his vision and branding but remained relatable to anyone who walked into his gym.

So, what’s the meaning behind the mural?

The Essense brand was built upon the notion of improving oneself and finding your passions and motivations, and their slogan of “it comes from within” holds true to that idea. My artistic direction for this mural was to create a piece that spoke to each and every individual, and that when they enter the space they’ll immediately feel a part of the artwork. Whether that’s emotionally connecting with individual parts of the wall, to physically standing in front of it and seeing every element come from within them – they are exemplifying the meaning behind the Essense. By making that connection in an incredibly ambitious space, you’re connecting yourself to what other potential you can achieve.

how did you make it happen?

It took about 3 months of planning, consulting, designing and executing to make this wall a reality! I started by sketching ideas on my iPad as realistic mockups, then vetted them through Sameer for his critique and approval. We then found time that worked with us to begin projecting the image to the wall, outlining each drawing in pencil and painting the mural. I decided to opt for Sharpie oil-based paint pens and Krink paint markers for this mural, as it allowed me to get as detailed as possible without feeling limited to wall paint and paint brushes.

Why do murals take so long to create?

I’m sure this answer varies by artist, but I would have to say it depends on scheduling and how natural the process feels. At the end of the day, murals are large, creative works of art that simply cannot be rushed, much like any other artwork. Every artist has a different timeline and deadline they set for themselves, which they base on their own commitments, client work, logistics behind the mural and time to let that creative energy flow.

If you’re in the Toronto area, definitely make some time to pop by the Essense and check out the space! Photos of the mural simply do not do justice - you have to see it in person 😍.

Feel free to drop a comment if you have a question about creating murals or your thoughts!

AND! I’ll be part of The Essense’s Essential Meet-Up on July 21 – a networking event meant to connect you with creatives and find your self development goals. I’ll be there speaking as one of the speakers! Limited seating available so confirm your spots soon! Register online at The Essense.

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